Thursday, September 2, 2010

crossing the half point

Blazing!! Even though I didn't have my heart monitor/speedometer, I knew I was flying. Do you ever have those moments when the bike is tuned, you have kick in your legs, and there's nothing stopping you? It was one of those days. I made it to school, usually a trip of 1 hour 5 minutes, in under 55 minutes. And that included making a phone call on the way up Rt. 213.

The ride back deflated me. The headwind was fierce. Have you ever had those moments when what you thought was true, the way you built yourself up, couldn't be? Reality bites. What carried me there earlier was the wind. Oh well, I hope I'm getting stronger and faster, but the real factor is physics: weight, work, resistance.

Today I rode #25 and #26. Yippee, more than half way there!

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