Thursday, August 19, 2010

Best. Day. Ever.

This is how the day started,
with a card from Cheryl:

In truth, I am part Golden Retriever, and so, a soggy ball in my mouth, running all day in the water means pure happiness. That's what today was for me.

Two bike rides with great friends, amazing surprise gifts, a poem from a dear cousin, hysterical cards, dinner at a Greek restaurant, calls from my siblings, flowers and songs from in-laws and loved ones, a Papa Haydn's dessert, it's been perfect. 

Nicole and her son, Lukas, joined Cheryl and me for a wonderful spin around Sauvie Island, a flat 12-miler through fields of pumpkins, cauliflower, and geese. Lukas had ridden 70 miles yesterday with his dad, so he was stretching his legs. Cheryl got me laughing so hard I fell over, but drew no blood. 

(I'm sorry I took out most of Lukas's face with my rear view mirror.)

After Cheryl went to work, Amanda came over and we headed out to Hagg Lake (see yesterday's post). Amanda is renewed after finishing summer quarter, and we zoomed around the lake. The clouds parted right as we got there, and we rolled over the rollers and chugged up the hills. Of course, there was a headwind on the way back into Forest Grove. We talked about daughters and when they use the word, "mommy" or "momma." Her daughter sometimes needs practice using a bigger girl voice, and so, maybe A has suggested she not use "mommy" quite so much. And our Kendra used "momma" a couple of times the day she left, letting us know that she had a wide range of emotions going off to college. The use of "momma" meant the world to Cheryl.

After biking I read lovely Facebook greetings, and soon Cheryl and I headed off to Eleni's in Sellwood for an outdoor Greek dinner. Oh baby, that was amazing. Then, to Papa Haydn's (a good walk), and we brought dessert home. What could be better!!

It's been a glorious 50th birthday, full of playfulness, surprise, and love, love, love. Thank you, life.

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