Saturday, August 7, 2010

had to happen

Well, I knew sometime it would... When I unloaded my bike at the bottom of the hill, I realized I had forgotten some vital equipment: my biking shoes. At least I had my Keens (not the kind with clips in them, unfortunately). So, I had an hour to get up Saltzman Road to Skyline, to a friend's house for a meeting of our writing group, and I didn't want to just "hang out" somewhere and kill an hour. So, up I went.

Saltzman Road is a fire access road into Forest Park and partially paved. It's the least steep access into the part and up to Skyline. Without the draw of the feet on the pedals, it's a little steeper, a little less sure. And yes, it was hot, around 80 degrees, there was plenty of shade. My feet didn't slip. The different angle of my feet played a little with my calves, but I made it up, hit the pavement of Skyline and the traffic of folks heading to the Street of Dreams and later, heading home. Those narrow roads and turns are scary, but so many cyclists up there keep cars alert (I hope). I made my poetry group. I learned.

Off for two days, two days at the Coast for Cheryl's birthday. ( 50+ miles so far this week, good hills, more on Sunday. It's a good return to cycling. Thanks for your support.

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