Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a good momma

After two days off, I rode twice today. Felt good. Had lots to think about. Kendra, Cheryl's daughter, left for college today. Two of her bestest friends came over to see her off, and then, surprised her at the airport to say goodbye. I said goodbye from our house, with Rafi in my arms. Cheryl and Kendra took Mia in the car with them to the airport. It's an important day.

Cheryl and I have been talking about the little things that make someone a daughter or a mother, what makes a good mother. In the last ten years I've witnessed lots of little things. Since we've lived together the last two and a half years, I've marveled at the notes almost every morning that Cheryl leaves for Kendra, the lunch she's made every day of school, the laundry folded, the millions of texts sent and received about evening plans and doctors' appointments, and the list goes on. And it's the little things that I'll miss: the way Kendra greets the dogs, her smile in the door when she comes home, and more.

So, the climb up Saltzman Road to Skyline was my grief, my way of using my heart to shed tears. And gliding down Thompson was part of the joy I feel for the freedom Kendra is experiencing, the wild abundance of college. And then, the return up Springville Road was calm, hot acceptance. This is new. This is where we are.

Only 18 miles today, but plenty of elevation. It's an important day.

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